Hello! I am a 16-year-old teen passionate for tech.
I have been coding for the past 4 years. From robots to Python and C application development.
I really enjoy problem-solving and working in teams.
I have won a couple of national first places and want to keep exploring new topics of Science
I love music as well as stargasing

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A Short Story

My first encounter with an electronic device was when I was in 3rd Grade at The Moraitis School, Psichiko. Mr Vassilis Chrysanthakopoulos was my tutor on Lego Mindstorms EV3

Since then, I have kept learning about robots such as Arduino, and eventually I learned the Python Programming language.

I now am fully able to code some advanced applications to
[automate(i) for i in the_boring_stuff]

IDK thought it was funny :D

On which walls is my name hanging?

Well... I have participated in a LOT of competitions

Here are the ones I think you will find the most interesting

RoboticsAthens, GreeceELLAKK20201st
Climate Change ConferenceThessaloniki, GreeceOPEN EARTH2020Presenter
StatisticsPereaus, GreeceELSTAT20191st
MathAthens, GreeceHMS202020th

Do I Work? Yeah, volunteering counts


That was the short answer. Here I have it analyzed

RoleLocationTime Period
FreeluncherFiverr2020 - Present
IT Assistant SupervisorEPS, EllinikoSummer 2020
Arduino Teacher1st High School, Ag. Dimitrios2018 - 2020
Environmentall Team/Volunteering1st High School, Ag. Dimitrios2018 - 2020

Education and Courses

I now am on 11th grade so not much from school
I have taken a lot of courses though and been certified, so you may find that more engaging.

GoogleGoogle One2020
Arduino Certification ProgramArduino Advanced2019

You still here! WOW

There is only one thing remaining, my free time!

I like to:

  • Play Chess

  • Watch TED-ED, V-Sauce etc.

  • Play/Listen to Music

  • Watch Documentaries

  • Take/Edit Photos

  • Stargazing

  • Create Educational Videos